4 years of professional experience

CTO Bichromatics

Research Engineer - CNRS | 2018 - 2019 | Paris

What was my Role?

Head chemist

My main role was to synthesis the new pigments in the lab. To do so, I had to do a lot of research in the literature in order to gain an expertise in the chemical synthesis of metallic nanoparticles.

However, the most challenging bit was to transfer these nanoparticles from an aqueous solution into a polymer matrix. In other words, disperse the particle in plastic. Indeed, this challenge had not yet been undertaken in the literature but was crucial for the accomplishment of the product.

Skills acquired:
Chemical synthesis

Web Developper

As well as chemistry, Bichromatics being a start up project. I had to be resourceful and skilful. Indeed, being computer literate, I wanted to have a webpage presenting the start up. The website was developed in Python using the Django framework. This easily allows me to add database management as well as enabling the incorporation of a colour predicting webapp.

Indeed, using Python and json, it is easily possible to incorporate a webapp for colour prediction. This app was used to compare theoretical colours to what was obtain in the lab. For the scientific between you, the program uses Mie scattering to predict the cross section of a given particle and using Beer–Lambert law with colourimetry, one can predict the theoretical colour of a sample.

Skills acquired:
UI/UX design
Front End dev.
Back End dev.
Python - Django

Business Developper

As a project manager, I also was in charge of developing the business. That is narrowing the product, finding customers, grow partnership, and attend conferences. We were indeed present at the Viva Technology (2019) conference. In order to develop partnerships.

This experience thus gave me awareness on how businesses are run, and what it takes to make a successful start up.

Skills acquired:
Business dev.
Product dev.


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