A few personnal projects


3D print | Arduino | Rasp. Pi

I got interested in robotics after my PhD. Indeed, python is a powerful and versital tool, and making a intellegent robot is a goal I have.

The system is based on a Raspberry Pi 4 and an Arduino Due. The main programming language is Python, though many libraries are used to make everything work suc as: ZMQ, PymataExpress, Django, etc..

So far the system is only controlled with a Xbox controller. However, the developement of making it autonomous is on its way including computer vision, ultrasonic sensors, face recongnition, natural language proccessing etc...



Nanotechnologies and experimenter

Being an experimental physicist, engineering is a key skill that needed to be acquired to develop the gas sensor.

During this work in particular, but also thanks to other experiences, I have acquired skills from Computer Assisted Design (CAD) to a specific UV-Vis spectrometer.



Bilangle in French & English

Indeed, I am both British and French. I am a Cardiff University alumni as well as Sorbonne University. I am completely fluent in both languages should it be in writing or in speech both for common but also technical registers.


Data analysis to web design

Programming and computer science has been a true passion of mine for quite a whilst.

I started by learning C on the old SiteDuZero (now openclassroom). From there, I have focused and grown my knowledge in Python which I have used for many applications such as Data analysis (scikit-learn), Data visualisation (Matplotlib), Web design (Django), and so on...

I have also learnt LabView in order to develop the UI for experimental setups. LaTeX which I have used to write my thesis.

Some of my personnal projects are available on GitHub (github.com/willmendil)



Intellectual property and value-creation

The gas sensor developed during the PhD was subject to a patent filling. As for today the technology is patent pending. This experience has taught me the inner workings of patents and intellectual properties.


Oral presentation to scientific writing

Communication is a crucial skill to a scientist. Indeed, communicating research result and part of the job.

During my work, I was indeed author of multiple publications in peer reviewed journals. I have also spoken at multiple international conferences and seminars.

However, I have also extended these skills outside the scientific community. Indeed, in my experience at the Palais de la Découverte museum, I have given multiple presentations in popular science.

Although, the PhD was really time consuming, I also got interesting in video making. I have indeed made a couple video should it be for the research group GdR Or-nano or in order to present the microscopic world presenting the Scanning Electron Microscope.



Canon and Fuji