4 years of professional experience

Research assistant in R&D

MNHN - INSP - IRDEP - LCMCP | 2015 | Paris

Improving solar cells with biology

The project undertaken in this work was to research the use of diatoms (micro algae) for applications in solar cells. This pluridisciplinary work joined physics, chemistry and biology between multiple laboratories.

What was my Role?

Research and experimentation

The project was supervised by different research scientist whom gave guidelines and theoretical interpretation, although most of the experimental work was undertaken by yours truly.

The project was focused on four main axes:

Skills acquired:
Sterile env.
Solar cells
Chemical doping

Biological culture

Part of the project was to grow in culture conditions diatoms which are micro algae. This was do in sterile conditions.

Optical analysis

Part of the project was to measure the optical properties of the diatoms using microscopy and spectroscopy.

Chemical augmentation

Incorporating specific molecules in the diatoms was researched in order to track the cell grows but also give it new properties for solar cell applications.

Solar performance

The main objective of the research subject was to include diatoms to enhance solar cell performance. Although the work was preliminary.